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Meet Zehra, one of our ambitious young sellers. She was in a typical 9-to-5 job like everyone else. And she had plenty of spare time, especially on weekends, that she often spent window shopping at the local market.
Zehra has always loved traditional porcelain items with beautiful, hand-painted designs. And over the years, she had developed a lot of knowledge on picking up high-quality, authentic, and rare porcelain products.
One day, a friend introduced her to Bahia Bazaar. It was the perfect platform to create a side hustle out of her self-horned expertise and love for traditional porcelain. So she quickly set up a shop on Bahia and started sourcing the best products in the market using her local knowledge and bargaining skills.
And before she knew it, customers started flocking to her online store from all over the world. Zehra quickly gained confidence in her sourcing skills, and she started listing even more products.
Pretty soon, her side hustle started bringing in even more revenue. So, she decided to make a career out of it. Today, she’s a full-time seller on Bahia Bazaar, running a thriving online business as a young entrepreneur.

“I started as a Bahia seller to make some extra cash during my spare time.
Since I was small, I’ve always loved going through local shops with traditional handcrafted porcelain items. So, I wanted to share my passion for porcelain with others, and Bahia offered the perfect platform for it.
In the beginning, it was only meant to be a side hustle, but today, it’s paying my bills! Thanks to Bahia, I’ve made my hobby a source of full-time income. No more dreaded 9-to-5 jobs!”

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