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Ready to become a seller at BahiaBazaar? Get started in just a few steps!

Find your expertise

Find your expertise !

We recommend you start with one category to specialise in, like clay pots, tapestry, or handmade jewellery, so you can focus better. Then build your expertise on sourcing high-quality items at the best price.

Start shopping !

Start shopping at your local bazaar. Look for authentic products that are unique and could tell a story. Use your local knowledge and expertise and purchase a few items to start off with.

List your products !

• Register and open an online shop with Bahia.
• Take high-quality pictures of your products and list them with detailed descriptions. Take a look at our Product Photography Guide for more details.
• Enter your ID, bank, and courier details.• Once approved by our team, your shop will go live and be ready for customers.

Start selling !

When you receive a customer order, drop off the item at your courier. Here’s our Product Preparation Guide for sellers. Once the customer receives the item, your payment will be automatically transferred to your bank account.

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